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Cattle For Sale

Cattle numbers are currently too high as very few females have been offered for sale in recent years. Therefore we are offering for sale a selection of cattle from maiden heifers to cows and calves. The cattle offered for sale are sired by well known AI bulls including Ronick Hawk, Shire Milton, Omis B, Neuf, Milbrook R2K and our Stock Bull Milbrook Vic. Many are in calf to Ampertaine Abracadabra



Ballyrickard Veronica

Sire: Milbrook R2K

DOB: 04-01-04

Ballyrickard Deirdre

Sire: Shire Milton

DOB: 09-05-08

In Calf to Milbrook Vic

Beth Gina

Ballyrickard Beth

Sire: Milbrook Vic

DOB: 20-07-06

In Calf to Abracadabra

Her Calf Gina is pictured right


Ballyrickard Gina

Sire: Ronick Hawk

DOB: 25-02-11


Ballyrickard Edith

Sire: Milbrook Vic

DOB: 19-05-09

In calf to:

Ampertaine Abracadabra

Ballyrickard Esther

Sire: Neuf

DOB: 14-10-09


The heifers below are a group of maidens ranging from Jan -June 2011. 4 sired by Milbrook Vic (Pictured below), 1 by Grange Navajo and one by Faignant.


Milbrook Vic

Pictured August 2011

Quite a few of the ones for sale are AI'd to Ampertaine Abracadabra who himself sold for £29,000


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