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Milbrook Vic
Semen Available for Export Worldwide
Available From Semenstore

Ireland  -  Semen with Eurogene 14EUR (35EUR Royalty)


UK  -  £10 per straw  (£30 Royalty)  plus carriage


Vics Mother

Milbrook Nightingale, Vic's Mother
Vic was purchased in 2005 for 11,500 Euro. He was best performing Limousin at Tully Test Station, and All Ireland Champion as a calf. He is now in the GeneIreland programme were all progeny are recorded for performance. He is performing expremely well.
Vic is a son of the famous Mas Du Clo, his Dam goes back to Talent and Oakley Politician

Irish Performance Figures Jan 2009

Irish Figures


UK Figures November 2009


Value -2C -5kg 57kg 83kg 8.0mm 0.3mm LM40B
Acc% 83 59 89 89 87 82 89

This now puts Vic in the top 1% for 200 day growth, 400 day growth, muscle depth and beef value. He is a trait leader for growth and muscle.

Progeny from Milbrook Vic

Female Champion, Dungannon Export Sale £2800

Four Vic Heifers
Four Milbrook Vic Heifers sold averaged just less than £2000


Ballyrickard Christaino (Senior Champ Dungannon Feb 09) £3700

Delia is one of the most promising calves we have bred to date.  She is an embryo calf out of a Navajo cow.  She is pictured here at exactly 1 month old showing her tremendous hind quarters and wide back.  Her mother (a small Hereford X heifer) calved naturally with no problems.

Bertha is pictured here as 2 Year old heifer. She is the daughter of a Navajo cow. BerthaD

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